Company: Cleanera HK Ltd
Office Address: Flat B, 9/F, On Dak Industrial Bldg, 2-6 Wah Sing St, Kwai Chung
Telephone: 852-35908258
Fax: 852-35795258
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Nature of Business: Exporter‚ Manufacturer
Industry: Garments, Textiles & Accessories‚ Medical Supplies & Medicine
Product/Service Range: Manufactured in clean room environment. Various type of facemask earloop / headloop/ tie-on lace. Applicable to medical / pharmaceutical / industries/ electronic sectors
Major Export Market: • China
• Eastern Europe
• Hong Kong
• Japan
• Korea
• North America
• Southeast Asia

Brand Name: CleanEra

Cleanera HK Limited is a professional company producing cleanroom products and services. We produce a variety of products such as microfiber wipes, face masks, polyester wipes, non-woven wipes, etc. Our manufacturing plant with certified facilities is located in Dongguan, China.

Cleanroom Face Mask
Product Specifications: This cleanroom face mask is manufactured in a cleanroom environment to maintain a hygienic standard. It has passed in-house laboratory tests with full reports. It is applicable to the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and electronic sector.

Available in various types: ear loop, head loop, tie on face.
Customized size.
OEM order is available.

Microfiber Wipe
Model No: W-SD/W-EX
Product Specifications: This microfiber wipe is manufactured and packed in a hygienic condition of class 10/100. It has ultra-low lint and contamination levels to ensure great safety. It has passed in-house laboratory tests with full reports. This high-quality microfiber wipe is perfect for cleaning of lenses and sensitive surfaces.
Applicable to optical and display industries.
Available in different colors.

Lint-Free Polyester Wipe
Model No: W-HH/W-NH
Product Specifications: This lint-free polyester wipe is manufactured in the class-10/100 cleanroom condition. It has passed in-house laboratory tests with full reports, making it perfect for cleaning optical products, display units and spillage.

Ultra-low contamination level.
Customized size.
OEM order is welcome.